Hiking Near Big Bear Lake

Our forefathers built a trail spanning from Mexico to Canada and designated that it be only used by hikers and horseback riders. Smart they were, as the Pacific ... Read More »

Hike Big Bear Lake

Picture yourself hitting the trail. Where will you go? The Pacific Crest Trail should be in your sights. From Mexico to Canada, the 2,650-mile PCT, one of 11 ... Read More »

Pacific Crest Trail and Big Bear Lake

Living in Big Bear, one can't help but hear about the Pacific Crest Trail. The PCT is a national hiking and horseback riding trail that extends more than 2600 ... Read More »

Hiking – Wilderness Day Hike, Fish Creek

A good mid-level trail is Fish Creek Trail, used as a trailhead for San Gorgonio Peak Hikers. We went into the wilderness for a Day Hike. You can drive all ... Read More »

Big Bear Locals on a Quest

SEVEN WAYS TO REACH NEW HEIGHTS Conquer the Seven Highest Peaks of Big Bear BIG BEAR LAKE, Calif./ May 19, 2011 – This summer local hiking enthusiasts in ... Read More »

Mountain Hiking

We wanted to see what the conditions were in the back country. The Santa Ana River seemed to be full of melted snow water. With warm Spring temperatures on ... Read More »

Hike Sand Canyon

A great hike, with potential for a view and/or TOTAL WORKOUT is easily available just a short drive from the Moonridge Golf Course. Head into Sand ... Read More »

Big Bear Lake -Things To Do

From the Big Bear Lake Chamber of Commerce (MAP): We have two zipline companies which can take you zipping through the trees, enjoying beautiful views along ... Read More »

Mountain Snow Pack

 On the first day of Spring we thought we would check out the hiking conditions over in the San Gorgonio Wilderness Area. We headed down HWY 38 and stopped at ... Read More »

Big Bear Events

Ride Around Big Bear Mountain -Bike riders will leave from Sylvan Park in Redlands, ride over to the 330, go up through Running Springs and Snow Valley and then ... Read More »