Early Transportation to Big Bear City

Airplane Service to Big Bear City The only airplane landing in Big Bear Valley is in Big Bear City, and air service from Los Angeles and Ontario is maintained ... Read More »

Historic Holcomb Valley

After you have caught your limit of fish and taken advantage of the many recreational facilities in the immense area of Big Bear Valley, take a trip into the ... Read More »

Big Bear Lake CA and the Rim of the World

On the Rim of the World to Big Bear Lake WE were now on the beginning of that famed American scenic drive known as 101 Miles on the Rim of the World. It is one ... Read More »

Big Bear City’s Pan Hot Springs

A month, fortnight or weekend spent at Pan Hot Springs and Inn will prove the most enjoyable vacation you ever had! Beautifully situated between Big Bear and ... Read More »

Holcomb Valley at Big Bear Lake

Just north of Big Bear Lake lies a fascinating historical area called Holcomb Valley. It was here, in 1859, that Bill Holcomb discovered what was to become the ... Read More »

Big Bear Chamber of Commerce, part 1

We found an early brochure describing Big Bear. It was written by the Big bear Chamber of Commerce. High among the wooded ranges of the California Sierras lies ... Read More »

Big Bear Lake Communities

Three delightful mountain communities are located near the shores of Big Bear Lake, and they serve as “home base” for the many different kinds of activities ... Read More »

Stillwells at Big Bear Lake

Nestling high in the mountains of one of the most scenic spots on the continent, the invigorating mountain air scented with the aroma of the woods, the clear, ... Read More »

Big Bear CA – Cultural Heritage

The San Bernardino National Forest is composed of four mountain ranges: the San Bernardino Mountains, the San Jacinto Mountains, the Santa Rosa Mountains, and ... Read More »

Big Bear CA Stage Lines

The ride on a comfortable stage from Redlands to Big Bear Valley will be made in about ten hours. The first half of the trip is all upgrade to the summit, over ... Read More »