Plunge into Big Bear Lake

Benefit Special Olympics Big Bear Lake, Calif. February 1, 2012 – Big Bear Lake’s water gets rather frigid in the wintertime with lake temperatures dipping ... Read More »

Big Bear Lake Trout Fishing Hot-Spots

Big Bear Lake has excellent trout fishing year-round.  The trick is knowing where the fish are likely to be during certain times of the year.  Here are some of ... Read More »

Big Bear Lake Officials Set Bounty on Trout

BIG BEAR LAKE, Calif./ May 5, 2011 – Today officials of The Big Bear Lake Resort Association announced they have put a bounty on a tagged trout for $50,000 at ... Read More »

Fishing Big Bear

There are many things to do in beautiful Big Bear during the summer, like hiking and mountain biking, but mainly what Big Bear is known for in the summer is ... Read More »

Big Bear

California travel expert Veronica Hill tours Big Bear Lake in this episode of "California Travel Tips." This Big Bear video highlights Big Bear hotels such as ... Read More »

Lake Sunrise and Sunset


Cold night!

Good morning from the COLD! Yes, this is August. Summer. Last night, the winds kept blowing and the temperatures plummeted. It became "jacket weather" as ... Read More »

Pirates on Big Bear Lake

Holloway's Marina bought the Time Bandit (from the movie) and had the pirate ship brought up here. This is a short video of it on the Lake. ... Read More »

Events in Big Bear

Events in Big Bear CA June 20 - 21, 2009 Big Bear Multi-Hull Regatta –Satuday June 20 and Sunday June 21, The Big Bear Multi-hull Regatta is set to take place ... Read More »

Pirate Ship on the Lake

  ... Read More »