Big Bear Lake -Things To Do

From the Big Bear Lake Chamber of Commerce (MAP): We have two zipline companies which can take you zipping through the trees, enjoying beautiful views along ... Read More »

Winter Blast Hits Big Bear. AGAIN!

Old Man Winter's beard brushed over Big Bear again. 3 days of HIGH WIND is getting a little much. The house shakes all the time. Windows and doors whistle. ... Read More »

Snow Storm Again

Winds blew for a day and a half. Yesterday, the snow joined in. This morning, the roads are very slick and not melting fast. Here are a few shots from ... Read More »

Big Bear Lake

The call of the wild!  What pictures the phrase brings to the mind at this season, the spring of the year when the blood is pulsating with renewed life and when ... Read More »

Snow Removal -Big Bear Lake

  North Shore Elementary School Our local radio station announce that Big Bear Lake received 57 inches of snow over the last week. Snow removal crews have ... Read More »

Big Bear Lake

Emergency Workers -Big Bear Lake  This picture was just sent to us from a friend's cell phone. Lower Moonridge is clear as is Moonridge Rd and Big Bear Blvd. ... Read More »