Conditions in the Southern California Mountains

A Big Bear CA Weekend Expect great conditions in Big Bear City and Big Bear Lake CA this weekend. Spring-like temperatures have given way to amazing ... Read More »

2011 Big Bear Lake Road Conditions

The recent storms have affected the local road conditions. State Highway 330 has been wiped out and many take a year of two to repair. State Highway 38, ... Read More »

Driving to Big Bear CA

The storms in December have affected the highways leading into Big Bear Lake CA. Hwy 330 was washed out and may not reopen for some time. If you need to come ... Read More »

Big Bear CA Current Weather and Road Conditions for Travel

Current conditions in both Big Bear Lake and Big Bear City CA are sunny, clear skies and 18 degrees at 8:00 AM on New Years Day. Temperatures are expected to ... Read More »

Big Bear CA Road and Weather Conditions

State Highway 330 is completely¬†CLOSED due to storm damage. State Highway 18: IS CLOSED TO TRACTOR-TRAILER SEMIS & BUSES ONLY FROM 2.2 MI NORTH OF THE ... Read More »

Snow Forecast for Southern California Mountain Resorts

Big Bear Lake CA; A winter advisory remains in effect until 10:00 AM this morning. Winds may gust to 35 mph. Our overnight snowfall was eight inches and another ... Read More »

Snow Conditions

Snow Conditions, photo courtesy of Bear Mountain Resort Both Bear Mountain and Snow Summit are experiencing epic conditions. The last storm increase the snow ... Read More »

Road Conditions and Emergency Shelters

Looking towards Big Bear Lake -Gold Mountain, Butler Peak and Snow Summit ¬†Snow Summit open, Bear Mountain closed! Road restrictions were approved by Governor ... Read More »

Snow Storm Big Bear Lake

The San Bernardino Mountains, including Big Bear Lake, received an amazing amount of snow this week. We used a Nikon Coolpix to make this homemade video of the ... Read More »

Storm Photos

Snow Accumulation Baldwin Lake -Big Bear CA There is sunshine in the east Big Bear Valley. The sun is poking through the clouds and we can finally see some of ... Read More »