Mountain Biking Big Bear Lake

Mountain Biking is a growing sport in the mountains. Riding is permitted on many public roads and trails. Riding is not permitted on the Pacific Crest Trail and within designated wilderness areas. One of the best riding areas in Big Bear Lake is Snow Summit. The Snow Summit Ski Area transports mountain bikes on their chairlift to the top of the mountain. From there, riders may access Forest system roads and trails.

Challenging routes can be found for all skill levels, but the more spectacular rides are best attempted by the experienced cyclist. Route information is also available in the book, Mountain Biking in the San Bernardino Mountains by Robert Shipley.

Remember that weather conditions vary daily, even hourly, trail conditions are unpredictable, and safe drinking water is scarce.

To prevent erosion and resource damage,, please stay on designated roads and trails. Always announce your presence to others when you need to pass. Remember this rule: hikers first, equestrians second, and bicycles third. If you can follow this rule, everyone will be safe and have fun.

Avoid excessive speed because of the potential danger to yourself and others. Ride safely and responsibly.

Leave no litter and look for opportunities to remove litter left by others. And finally, maintain your bike in top condition—particularly the brakes. Carry tools and know how to use them.

Dirt clods and vegetation can introduce invasive weeds; carefully clean your equipment after each ride.

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