BIG BEAR LAKE, Calif./ October 1, 2012 – The Big Bear Lake Resort Association (BBLRA) has appointed Rebecca Hrabia as its Director of Operations. Hrabia takes on the new position after Rick Shoup resigned as President and CEO in August to be with his family in Sherman Oaks.

Rebecca Hrabia has been employed with the BBLRA since April, 2004. Ms. Hrabia has a strong aptitude for management, administration, guest relations, employee morale and technological skills. Her most recent role was Director of Visitor Information Services, which she held since 2006. During her time as Director of Visitor Information Services she increased sales continuously each year by over 100 percent. Hrabia is credited for her instrumental role in the reorganization of BBLRA’s computer network for more efficiency and stronger performance. She also assisted in the implementation of a new phone system and new software system for BBLRA’s Central Reservations. Before Hrabia took over Central Reservations the RA’s online bookings attributed to only 12 percent of total bookings. Today online bookings have experienced an exponential increase to 75 percent in total bookings.

The Big Bear Lake Resort Association Board of Directors selected Rebecca Hrabia to take over the helm because of her knowledge of the tourism industry and dedication to the organization. According to BBLRA Board of Directors President Joyce Reed, “Rebecca was an easy choice to fill the leadership role for the RA. She has keen knowledge of industry trends and is always looking out for our members’ best interests. She has strong managerial skills and she has a tireless devotion for the continued success of the RA.”

Ms. Reed added, “We thank Rick Shoup for his great work he provided the RA since its inception as a marketing consultant and more recently as president and CEO.”

BBLRA is in the process of reorganizing its structure, which includes a more active role from the Board of Directors with day-to-day operations. The Board of Directors will also set forth more efficient ways to utilize its marketing budget.

In addition to Hrabia there are other changes to the BBLRA staff. Monique Rangel has been promoted to Director of Visitor Information Services and Dawn Elig is the latest edition of the BBLRA team taking over the Office Manager position. Dan McKernan will continue as Director of Marketing and Public Relations and Tina Hauer continues as Manager of Internet Marketing. The current staff is expected to take on additional responsibilities because of the organization’s leaner structure.

“We are very proud of the staff. They have been with us for many years, they work well as a team, and they’re constantly finding innovative ways to make improvements for the organization and for Big Bear,” added Reed.


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