Hiking Near Big Bear Lake

Our forefathers built a trail spanning from Mexico to Canada and designated that it be only used by hikers and horseback riders. Smart they were, as the Pacific ... Read More »

Hike Big Bear Lake

Picture yourself hitting the trail. Where will you go? The Pacific Crest Trail should be in your sights. From Mexico to Canada, the 2,650-mile PCT, one of 11 ... Read More »

Pacific Crest Trail and Big Bear Lake

Living in Big Bear, one can't help but hear about the Pacific Crest Trail. The PCT is a national hiking and horseback riding trail that extends more than 2600 ... Read More »

Big Bear CA

The Ski Resorts expect to be open through the Easter Holidays. Meanwhile, Spring is starting to poke through. Daytime temperatures are ranging in the 50’s  ... Read More »

Pacific Crest Trail

We took a short hike over to the Pacific Crest Trail this morning.  The weather is sunny but overcast. The above photo was taken looking at the east end of ... Read More »

Winter Hiking

During the winter, the best hiking is out in the east valley, especially behind Baldwin Lake. Daytime temperatures are usually warmer causing the snow to melt. ... Read More »

Pacific Crest Trail Video

This short video was taken from the Pacific Crest Trail. It shows Big Bear Lake, Bear Mountain and Snow Summit, plus San Gorgornio Mountain. The Pacific Crest ... Read More »