Adventure Pass and Big Bear Lake

The Adventure Pass Program is now in its 16th year in the Southern California National Forests. In 1996 Congress passed legislation authorizing the Forest ... Read More »

Singleleaf Pinyon – Big Bear Lake

Uses Ethnobotanic: Traditionally different tribes in California, the Great Basin, and the Southwest U.S. have utilized this tree for fuel wood and the pine ... Read More »

Mountain Biking Big Bear Lake

Mountain Biking is a growing sport in the mountains. Riding is permitted on many public roads and trails. Riding is not permitted on the Pacific Crest Trail and ... Read More »

Historic Holcomb Valley

After you have caught your limit of fish and taken advantage of the many recreational facilities in the immense area of Big Bear Valley, take a trip into the ... Read More »

Big Bear to Lake Arrowhead – County Parking

Big Bear Lake, CA – Today, Chief Executive Officer Greg Devereaux updated the Board of Supervisors regarding Supervisor Neil Derry’s proposal to ease the ... Read More »

Road Conditions

Big Bear Lake and Big bear City have had snow showers all morning. They received four inches of snow overnight with another in accumulating today. Road ... Read More »

Big Bear Lake News

Supervisor Derry criticizes brazen theft of funds from local taxpayers and county government! Big Bear Lake, CA – In what amounts to outright thievery by ... Read More »

Hiking – Wilderness Day Hike, Fish Creek

A good mid-level trail is Fish Creek Trail, used as a trailhead for San Gorgonio Peak Hikers. We went into the wilderness for a Day Hike. You can drive all ... Read More »

Big Bear CA – Migratory Songbirds

Can you imagine a concert by over a million traveling singers? Catch a performance any spring or summer morning in the National Forest surrounding Big Bear CA. ... Read More »

Big Bear CA – Cultural Heritage

The San Bernardino National Forest is composed of four mountain ranges: the San Bernardino Mountains, the San Jacinto Mountains, the Santa Rosa Mountains, and ... Read More »