Hiking Near Big Bear Lake

Our forefathers built a trail spanning from Mexico to Canada and designated that it be only used by hikers and horseback riders. Smart they were, as the Pacific ... Read More »


Book Two or More Nights in Big Bear and Receive up to $100 in Free Gas BIG BEAR LAKE, Calif./ October 11, 2012 – Big Bear Resort Association is giving away ... Read More »

Plunge into Big Bear Lake

Benefit Special Olympics Big Bear Lake, Calif. February 1, 2012 – Big Bear Lake’s water gets rather frigid in the wintertime with lake temperatures dipping ... Read More »


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Holcomb Valley at Big Bear Lake

Just north of Big Bear Lake lies a fascinating historical area called Holcomb Valley. It was here, in 1859, that Bill Holcomb discovered what was to become the ... Read More »

Big Bear Lake, An Early Guide for Sightseers

Article from 1960, from the Sportsman. One of America’s favorite outings, the old-fashioned picnic, can be enjoyed to the full in beautiful outdoor ... Read More »

Big Bear Lake is Southern California’s Best Oktoberfest

This year the Big Bear Lake Oktoberfest expands its bier garden for a more comfortable social area and enhances the entertainment lineup with more authentic ... Read More »

Big Bear Heritage Parade Wants You!

From the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Big Bear Lake, the Old Miners’ Association wants you. That’s the clarion call to arms by the Old Miners’ Parade ... Read More »

Big Bear Locals on a Quest

SEVEN WAYS TO REACH NEW HEIGHTS Conquer the Seven Highest Peaks of Big Bear BIG BEAR LAKE, Calif./ May 19, 2011 – This summer local hiking enthusiasts in ... Read More »

Tales of Big Bear Lake CA

Warren’s Choice Steaks One of the early cattlemen was Metcalf and the bay and a creek were named for him as he operated the road at the head of the former. The ... Read More »